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Student Finance Contact Number: 0300 100 0607

Contact the UK Student Finance board by calling their general enquiries phone number 0300 100 0607 to apply for a loan, to track an existing application and to complain about an unpaid grant.

Student Finance refers to the loans and maintenance grants provided by the UK government for students studying at universities within the country. You should call their general enquiries contact number 0300 100 0607 if you are a prospective student looking to apply for a loan, where you can also inform them about your financial circumstances to check if you are eligible for a grant which you will not have to pay back. If you have already applied for a loan you can phone this helpline to track your application and to notify them about a change in your circumstances which will affect the amount of money you will receive. Similarly if your semester at university has started you can phone their UK-based staff to complain about a delayed installment. Please note that the payments system is different for each of the devolved governments in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland so please consult the table at the end of this page to identify the correct phone number to call.

Calls to the Student Finance general enquiries phone number 0300 100 0607 are charged at a per-minute rate, with a standard connection fee applied. This means it costs the same to phone them as making an equivalent call to an 01 or 02 phone number. Furthermore if you have free inclusive minutes in your landline or mobile tariff you can use them to phone Student Finance for free.


Student Finance telephone numbers

Student Finance department Contact number
Student Finance England – general enquiries 0300 100 0607
Student Finance England – general enquiries (textphone) 0300 100 0622
Student Finance England – postgraduate loans 0300 100 0031
Student Finance England – advanced learner loan 0300 100 0619
Student Finance England – complaints 0300 100 0601
Student Finance Wales – general enquiries 0300 200 4050
Student Finance Wales – general enquiries (textphone) 0300 100 1693
Student Finance Scotland – general enquiries 0300 555 050
Student Finance Scotland – track an existing application 0300 100 0609
Student Finance Northern Ireland – general enquiries 0300 100 0077
Student Finance Northern Ireland – general enquiries (textphone) 0300 100 0625
International students +44 141 243 3570


Write to Student Finance

Alternatively if you would prefer to write to Student Finance you may select the appropriate postal address from the list below, however please note that you will get a faster response by calling their telephone helplines so please do not use this method for emergency enquiries about delayed loan payments.

Student Finance England postal address
Student Finance England,
PO Box 210,
DL1 9HJ,
United Kingdom.
Write to Student Finance Wales
Student Finance Wales,
PO Box 211,
Llandudno Junction,
LL30 9FU,
United Kingdom.
Student Finance Scotland postal enquiries
Student Awards Agency Scotland,
Saughton House,
Broomhouse Drive,
EH11 3UT,
United Kingdom.

Further phone numbers and additional contact details for Student Finance England, including Welsh language contacts, can be found here: