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University of Edinburgh Contact Number: 0131 650 1000

Call the University of Edinburgh on their general enquiries contact number 0131 650 1000for the cost in staying in halls of accommodation or to sign up to an open day over the phone.


About the University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is the sixth oldest university in the English-speaking world, often ranked highly in a variety of international academic league tables. Unsurprisingly, the educational institution is regarded as one of Scotland’s ancient universities, and many of the historic buildings in the Edinburgh’s Old Town belong to the establishment.


University of Edinburgh General Enquiries – 0131 650 1000

Phone the University of Edinburgh on their switchboard number 0131 650 1000 to be put through to the correct department for your general enquiry. For instance, callers can use this number to request further information about the admission policy for a particular undergraduate or postgraduate course. The course enquiries specialist can inform you of the entrance requirements for any number of humanities or STEM subjects before detailing how you can complete an application via UCAS. Moreover, applicants may be interested in requesting a prospectus to be sent to their home address before asking for the date of the University’s next open day. Prospective students who hold a formal offer can use this number to enquire about any term dates so that they are sure to have settled into the city in advance of enrollment and the university’s Welcome Week.


Accommodation Allocations – 0131 667 1971

Contact the University of Edinburgh on their accommodation allocations phone number 0131 667 1971 to discuss the range of student halls available to offer holders. If you have been offered a place at Edinburgh University then you can use this number to discuss the availability of accommodation in the city but it should be noted that there a different halls of residence for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Moreover, the cost of staying in university accommodation will depend on whether you would prefer catered or self-catered halls. You are also advised to get in touch as soon as possible as the university can not provide residence for each student. Therefore you may also prefer to email the University of Edinburgh accommodation allocations team on the following address as soon as you accept a place on a degree course:


University Call Costs

The University of Edinburgh uses contact numbers beginning with a 01 area code meaning that callers will only be charged the standard per-minute rate as for any other local call that has been made from a UK landline or mobile phone. However, you may be able to contact a representative from the university for free if you are using any inclusive free minutes that have been offered by your service provider as part of your tariff arrangement.


The University of Edinburgh Phone Numbers

University of Edinburgh Department UK Contact Number
University Switchboard 0131 650 1000
College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences 0131 650 3565
College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine 0131 242 6407
College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine 0131 650 6178
College of Science & Engineering 0131 650 5737
Student Recruitment and Admissions 0131 650 4360
Accommodation Allocations 0131 667 1971
Fees and Student Support Team 0131 650 2230


Email an Edinburgh Advisor

If you have a general enquiry and are unsure which specific department to contact then you can send an email to the University of Edinburgh communications office before it is forwarded to the relevant address: