Find a Contact Number

Croydon High School Contact Number: 020 8651 5020

You can contact Croydon High School by calling their reception phone number 020 8651 5020 for information about fees, term dates, to arrange a school visit or to register an existing pupil as absent.


School Reception Number – 020 8651 5020

Phone the Croydon High School reception number 020 8651 5020 for all general enquiries and application queries. For instance, you can use this number to discuss the application deadline for the independent girl’s secondary school, along with the process of applying for bursaries and scholarships. Specifically, callers can discuss the annual fees, or request a school prospectus and application form when dialling this number. Alternatively, to better inform your decision, you can use this number to book a visit at the school, or register your attendance at an upcoming open day. It should be noted that Croydon High School uses entrance examinations, and that it is crucial that your child is available upon this day.

You can also contact Croydon High School on their reception number 020 8651 5020 for information about the public transport should you be enrolling your child upon an upcoming start of term. For instance, in addition to school buses, Croydon High runs a series of mini-buses from local areas. Alternatively, you may have enquiries about the school’s uniform policy, or the cost of school dinners. By contrast, if your child is already enrolled at Croydon High School then you can contact reception to discuss their progress or attendance. For instance, your child may be sick, in which case, it is required that you inform the school of their absence as soon as possible.


Croydon High Call Costs

Croydon High School uses a London contact number, so that callers will be charged no more than the standard per-minute rate of a geographical call made from a UK landline or mobile. However, you can contact the school reception for free if you have inclusive minutes bundled with your mobile tariff or if your landline package has free calls to landline numbers.


Write to Reception

If you are required to write to Croydon High School, such as to send off a signed permission slip, then you should do so when using the following postal address: Croydon High School, Old Farleigh Rd, Croydon, CR2 8YB, United Kingdom.