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AQA Contact Number: 0800 197 7162

Contact AQA by calling their freephone general enquiries phone number 0800 197 7162 to order a past paper from the exam board or to book a resit for either a GCSE or A-Level subject.


Profile of the Exam Board

AQA, short for the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance, is one of the UK’s largest qualification awarding institutions and exam boards. For instance, AQA administers exam papers for a range GCSE and A-Level subjects but as a registered charity, is subject to regulation by the UK Department of Education. Given the sheer quantity of papers that the exam board marks each year, it runs a digital grading system in addition to employing a team of markers.


AQA General Enquiries – 0800 197 7162

Contact AQA on their freephone general enquiries telephone number 0800 197 7162 for any questions about an upcoming exam. For instance, markers can get through to AQA for making advice if they are having trouble grading an exam paper. Moreover, you can use this number to request additional technical support if you need assistance accessing the e-AQA service, signing into the online examiner extranet or using enhanced results analysis tool to help mark a paper. Jobseekers may wish to use the above helpline to discuss the process of becoming an AQA marker, examiner or even an exam moderator.

If you are a student then you may wish to request a past paper to help study for an upcoming exam and can do so for across a range of A-Level, GCSE, Baccalaureate and even i-GCSE subjects. Alternatively, you may want to use this number to book a resit if you would like a second attempt at an exam subject of which you are not happy with the result. By the same token, students may also wish to request a paper to be remarked by AQA if they believe that they have received an unfair grade following an exam. Finally, you should use this number to request a replacement certificate if you have lost your original following an exam taken in the past.


AQA call costs and opening hours

The AQA general enquiries helpline uses a 0800 freephone number that will always be completely free of charge when calling from a UK mobile or landline telephone. Furthermore, AQA is available to take calls during the working week as it free during the opening hours of 8am–5pm Monday to Friday.


Write to their Head Office

If you would prefer to send a letter that details a complaint or even send off a paper to be remarked then you should write to the AQA UK head office on the following postal address:

Argyle House,
29-31 Euston Road,
NW1 2SD,
United kingdom