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The UK Contact Telephone Numbers website, packed to the brim with details on how to contact the customer service departments of notable UK brands and famous international companies operating in the country.


Featured Organisations



Our database is also useful for applicants to the University of Edinburgh as we have the contact number suitable for anyone who would like to book a place in university accommodation or on an open day over the phone.

Get in touch with the University of Law on their freephone  telephone number for enquiries about their admissions policy for both their undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Phone the University of Oxford on their general enquires contact number to discuss the admissions policy for either an undergraduate or postgraduate course taught at any of the 38 constituent colleges.

The contact numbers website also has the phone number for the University of Sheffield, so that prospective students can discuss the accommodation facilities and any course details prior to making an application.


Exam Boards

VFPS has the contact details for the UK exam board, AQA so that callers can request a past paper or a resit for a GCSE or A-Level exam over the telephone.

Contact Edexcel on their UK general enquiries number to discuss the range of both GCSE and A Level qualifications that are offered by the exam board before requesting a past paper for a specific subject.


Funding agencies

Parents of Young ChildrenPhone the Child Support Agency by calling the contact numbers on the VFPS directory to set up a new child maintenance case, to dispute an increase in your payments and to report the other parent for not making the appropriate contributions.

Young AdultsContact Student Finance to apply for a maintenance loan, to track an existing application and to complain about a missed grant payment.


Governing bodies

School & childcare: quality & safety standardsPhone Ofsted on their UK contact numbers to discuss a school inspection report, to find a registered childminder in your local area and to report concerns about an organisation responsible for childcare.

Uni Applicants – Get in touch with UCAS by calling the telephone numbers listed in our directory to apply for an undergraduate degree, to track your postgraduate application and to choose a course through the clearing service


Charities & support services

Prospective Teachers – You should call the Teach First contact number for enquires about your application to the teacher training scheme or to ask about your salary once you have been given a teaching job at a school.


Secondary Schools

Croydon High School – Call Croydon High School on their reception number for telephone enquiries about their term dates, fees and admissions police.

Kensington School – Contact the Kensington Preparatory School in Fulham on their reception number if you have enquiries about their admissions process, the fees they charge or to discuss any current vacancies.

Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School – You can phone the Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School reception number for details about term dates, open days and uniform policy before enrolling your child as a student at the Croydon Sixth Form.



Fast Food – Phone Nandos customer services on their freephone contact number to place a telephone order for delivery, to get their full chicken menu and to find your nearest restaurant.